Climate Analysis

Our climate system behaves in ways that make it challenging for people to fully anticipate and understand the long-term consequences of their decisions. Around the world, global citizens are grappling with how to preserve a viable future, business leaders are trying to navigate a complex energy landscape, and governments are attempting to steer their economies towards low carbon energy while improving the quality of life for their citizens—all in the context of complex dynamic systems whose behaviors are shaped by the interplay of investment decisions, policy choices, technological progress, and the slow turnover of existing infrastructure. Our climate models, tools and analysis are designed to help people understand, through interaction and exploration, what speed and scale of reductions in emissions will work to meet our climate goals. We straddle the fence between science and policy to make it all more accessible to those who are making decisions about our future.

Explore a solutions simulator that models policies for energy, transportation, land use, and new technologies to limit climate change.

Enroadsca 1


Simulate national and regional greenhouse gas reductions for China, US, EU, India and others to meet Paris Agreement targets.

C Roads 3


Analysis that demonstrated the progress of national plans submitted to the UNFCCC. (Archived)


The Climate Scoreboard

A training series in systems thinking to help fuel the global response to climate change.

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Video Series:
The Climate Leader

With a trace of your finger, draw annual global emissions from now through 2050 to find a pathway to limit warming well below 2 degrees C, or even to 1.5 degrees C.

Climate Pathways

Climate Pathways iPhone/iPad App

This animated simulation of the global carbon system helped people explore the relationship between carbon emissions and atmospheric CO2. (Archived)

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Climate Bathtub Simulation

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