The C-ROADS Simulator Languages

The C-ROADS Climate Change Policy Simulator is used to run engaging, interactive events all over the world. Currently, we have facilitators from dozens of countries who are facilitating C-ROADS events across the globe. In order to support our international base of users, we are striving to make the simulator available in as many languages as possible.

Currently, C-ROADS is available French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, and Turkish language support – you can select your preferred language by using the “languages” tab in the top menu bar of the simulator. C-ROADS is available for download to Windows and Mac and can also be run online.

The World Climate Simulation is a role-playing game that uses the C-ROADS simulator. You can learn more about the game and explore the materials available in various languages below:

Are you interested in translating C-ROADS or the World Climate Simulation materials into a language that is not listed above? If so, please contact us.