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Simulator Support Resources

The C-ROADS Simulator [online]

Access the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator online for free. Build your own climate future and share your scenario!


The C-ROADS Simulator [to download]

Download an app version of C-ROADS to access on your desktop—this is available for Windows and Mac.



Frequently asked questions on C-ROADS—exploring how it is used, maintained, and data and assumptions behind the model.


One-page External Review

A one-page summary statement from the external C‐ROADS simulator scientific review panel.

one page

Five-page Overview of C-ROADS

A five-page review on the motivation and dynamics behind the development of the C-ROADS simulator.


C-ROADS Reference Guide

Detailed documentation of the model structure and assumptions behind C-ROADS.


C-ROADS Webinar

Watch this webinar to understand more about the dynamics behind the C-ROADS simulator.


C-ROADS Comments & Feedback

Read more comments and feedback from C-ROADS users and World Climate Simulation participants.


C-ROADS Press Coverage

Explore the press coverage of C-ROADS, the World Climate Simulation, and other Climate Interactive tools


C-ROADS Experiences

The World Climate Simulation Game

Use C-ROADS in a game where participants role-play as different countries while negotiating climate policy solutions.

world climate simulation

The World Climate Training Plan

Join our interactive training plan if you are interested in learning how to facilitate the game.

training plan

The C-ROADS Homework Exercise

Use C-ROADS to create climate scenarios and reflect on the implications of the future that has been imagined.


User Support

Climate Interactive Support Desk

Explore our database of questions about the En-ROADS Simulator—from the science behind the model to how it’s is used.

Support desk

Contact us

Ask a specific question about En-ROADS, the training program, running an event, or other aspects of our work.


Community Forums

An online forum to connect with other facilitators, discuss model dynamics, and share advice and personal experiences.


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