En-ROADS Enhanced with New Methane Capabilities

May 14, 2024 by Climate Interactive

With this exciting new release, you can now simulate scenarios of methane emissions by boosting policies and practices across the energy, agriculture, and waste sectors in the En-ROADS Climate Simulator. These enhancements enable comprehensive analysis of how mitigation strategies targeting sources such as pipeline leaks, enteric fermentation in livestock, and landfills can contribute to reducing global methane emissions and addressing climate change. Below, watch an overview of highlights from this release:

Read more about the drivers and impacts of methane emissions in En-ROADS:

Methane in En-ROADS

Discover the drivers and impacts of methane emissions in En-ROADS.

New Slider Organization and Graphs in En-ROADS

This release brings additions and changes to sliders and graphs, as well as model improvements to En-ROADS:

Read the full model release notes here.

En-ROADS Supporting Documentation

Event Materials

The materials for the En-ROADS Climate Workshop and the Climate Action Simulation have also been updated to reflect these changes. Please be sure to download the latest:

These new features were made possible by the generous support of the Global Methane Hub.

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