Climate Interactive Unveils Major Land, Food, and Energy Updates to En-ROADS and C-ROADS

June 1, 2023 by Climate Interactive

Our two simulators En-ROADS and C-ROADS have been updated with extensive new model structure that has been years in the making. This includes updates to food, forests, electrification, carbon price, and more! The updated and improved models bring new policies and insights that allow users to have deeper conversations with others about the ways to tackle climate change that are grounded in science, not hype.

The video above provides the highlights from this exciting release, and a recording of the June 2023 Release Webinar is available in case you missed it. Read more on the pages below to get the details.

June 2023 Release Summaries

Short on time? Read the highlights of these releases here:

En-ROADS June 2023: Summary

Discover the enhanced En-ROADS to empower climate conversations. Updates include: a new Baseline Scenario, new sliders, and expanded land modeling.

C-ROADS June 2023: Summary

Stay informed on the latest enhancements to C-ROADS to keep running your World Climate Simulations.

Articles on the June 2023 New Features

Here you’ll find detailed documentation around the major updates included in this release:

Baseline Scenario

All you need to know about how and why the Baseline Scenario changed.

Economic Damage Function

What is it, why we added it to the Baseline, and its implications for testing policies.

Land and Forests

New tracking of forest aging and forest degradation to capture important CO2 emissions and removal dynamics.

Food and Agriculture

New sliders related to plant-based diets, food waste, and agricultural practices. Plus their impact on deforestation and the climate explained.


Learn the ins and outs of different bioenergy feedstocks and their impacts on the climate and forests.


Changes to the sliders for more market-oriented actions to scale-up electrification.

Read the full model release notes here:

En-ROADS & C-ROADS Event Materials

The materials for the En-ROADS Climate Workshop, the Climate Action Simulation, and the World Climate Simulation have also been updated to reflect these changes. Please be sure to download the latest:

Additional Supporting Documentation

We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements in this big release! If you have questions or comments, please visit our Support Page.