En-ROADS Featured in New MIT Museum

October 5, 2022 by Clara Iglesias

The En-ROADS Climate Simulator now sits in the MIT Museum, which opened its doors to the public this past weekend. “The Museum showcases MIT’s historical contributions to science and technology and makes the Institute’s art and artifacts accessible to the world” said MIT Provost Cynthia Barnhart. Our simulator En-ROADS is located at the Essential MIT exhibition along with other ongoing innovations at the heart of MIT.

En-ROADS, the cutting-edge online climate simulator co-developed by Climate Interactive and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, is part of the storytelling of this museum, as an example of how MIT models solutions and creates innovation encompassing global issues. Overall, it’s an honor to be featured among so many other innovations from throughout MIT’s history.

Some of the Climate Interactive was in town to check out the new exhibit before it opened to the public this week. Visitors to the museum can explore the same interactive simulator that is available to everyone online and play with the different levers to test their preferred climate solutions.

Touch screen
A touch screen enables MIT museum visitors to create their own vision of what it will look like to address climate change.
Img 6621 1
Climate Interactive team members Chris Page, Lori Siegel, Andrew Jones, and Charles Jones visited the En-ROADS exhibition at the MIT Museum.

More than one million objects are displayed at the 56,000-square-foot-museum, demystifying MIT’s research and innovation, and making it accessible to the public. “The new MIT Museum is planned as a place where you can really learn something new. The exhibits present high-level research in a way that is interactive and meets visitors where they are, whether they are entirely new to science or already experts,” said Phillip A. Sharp, MIT Institute Professor and Chairman of the MIT Museum Advisory Board. The link with En-ROADS is quite obvious, being an interactive and transparent model that allows users from all backgrounds and knowledge to test different climate policies and learn by themselves how action—or inaction–can affect the most pressing issues of today and the future.

Img 6587
En-ROADS shows how MIT models solutions.

The new museum is located on MIT’s campus, and is accessible to the general public. If you’re planning to visit the Boston area or you live nearby, don’t miss out the opportunity to visit our simulator En-ROADS at the exhibition, along with the wonderful collection of art pieces and artifacts that have led humans to make discoveries in domains ranging from nanoscale particles to outer space.

As always, you can access our simulator from your computer’s web browser at en-roads.org.