Climate Interactive Named Top US Energy and Environment Think Tank

July 11, 2017 by Shanna Edberg

Climate Interactive was named as the top energy and environment think tank in the US at Prospect Magazine’s 17th Annual Think Tank Awards this week.

The award was announced by saying:

“Its top notch work, the judges said, showed clear evidence of both convening power and media impact. The innovative interactive tools make it easier than ever before to show where the climate may be headed, so it naturally proved to be influential to policymakers who have ears to listen and eyes to see.”

According to the website, “The winner this year was Climate Interactive. Their innovative use of interactive tools to model the effects of climate change has been influential within government.”

Our tools have been used by thousands worldwide from the highest levels of government to school classrooms the world over. Our analysis has been published in thousands of media articles. And yet we are a small team of fewer than a dozen. However, it is thanks to our many partners, funders, and people who champion our work and share our tools that we can have the impact we do. We are honored to receive this award and extend our gratitude and appreciation to our wider community who make our work possible.

Prospect is a monthly British magazine specializing in politics, economics, and current affairs. Their Think Tank Awards aim to recognize the most original, influential, and rigorous work on the most pressing challenges facing people, governments, and businesses today.