Danielle San Filippo
Director of Operations

Danielle brings to the team a unique perspective on business strategy and operational excellence and a passion for furthering organizational equity and inclusion. As an expert in ESG strategy and enterprise risk management, Danielle has served as an advisor on climate and equity risk, strategy, and business operations to the world’s largest multinational corporations, financial institutions, and multilateral organizations. Throughout her career, Danielle has also served as a Strategy & Operations Director and Board Member for a variety of sustainability and climate-focused non-profit organizations.

Danielle holds an M.B.A., Masters in Sustainability, B.A. in Sociology–Racial Equity Studies, and a Cornell University Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Certificate. In addition to serving as Climate Interactive's Director of Operations, Danielle serves as a Council Member representing Climate Interactive on the New Venture Fund, Hopewell Fund, and Windward Fund Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI) Council.

In her spare time, Danielle volunteers to teach business sustainability practices to young entrepreneurs and small business owners and nutrition and cooking skills to children in underserved communities. Danielle is also deeply passionate about regenerative agriculture and preserving local foodways and works to further both practices in her in her dual hometowns of Asheville, NC and Atlanta, GA.