From the Washington Post to the New York Times in the U.S. and from the Guardian to the Sunday Herald in the U.K., Climate Interactive has made a splash across international headlines over the years. Explore a selection of our media coverage below. Our media releases are also archived for your access.


The White House Blog, 12 November 2o15
Raising Youth Voices at COP21 Through the Climate Education and Literacy Initiative








The Climate Scoreboard was publicized in over 500 local and international news outlets the week of September 28, 2015. Click here to view a sample of the articles.


nature climate change
Nature Climate Change, 23 April 2015
Climate Change Games as Tools for Education and Engagement


Science Mag
Science, 26 February 2015
It’s only a game, but even earth scientists struggle to defeat global warming


Fort Lauderdale News Examiner, 7 February 2015
Climate Interactive creating Climate Leaders


Climate Progress, 5 February 2015
Of Course Paris Climate Talks Won’t Keep Warming Below The Dangerous 2°C Limit


Science Mag
Science, 5 December 2014
China’s peak carbon pledge raises pointed questions
Modelers move to analyze implications of largest emitter’s commitment to stabilize emissions by 2030


Science Mag
Science, 25 November 2014
The New U.S. – China Climate Accord – Climate Agreement, Emissions Reduction, Clean Energy Economy


Businessweek, 20 November 2014
Obama’s Climate Deal in Beijing Makes a Global Agreement in Paris Likelier, 17 November 2014
U.S.-China deal will avert 640 billion tons of CO2 pollution


South China Morning Post, 16 November 2014
Lukewarm response from scientists to US-China climate change deal


The Carbon Brief, 13 November 2014
A detailed look at the US and China’s historic climate deal


Climate Progress, 12 November 2014
Why The U.S.-China CO2 Deal Is An Energy, Climate, And Political Gamechanger, 10 October 2014
To Live in the Anthropocene, People Need Grounded Hope



The Huffington Post, 6 October 2014
5 Conditions for Shifting Social Fields?


Grist, 30 September 2014
Is there any hope for international climate talks?


Citizen-Times logo
Citizen-Times, 7 June 2014
Climate Change Could Change Business Climate


Science Mag
Science, 6 June 2014
A Bold Baby Step on Emissions.


Citizen-Times logo
Citizen-Times, 17 May 2014
Asheville Takes Lead in Climate Report


Clean Technica
Clean Technica, 8 Jul 2013
Gasland II — On HBO Tonight!


RUV, 26 Jun 2013
Jörðin vart lífvænleg eftir tæpa öld


The Daily Caller
Daily Caller, 23 Jan 2013
Environmental groups hail Obama’s promise for action on climate change


Latinos Post
Latinos Post, 22 Jan 2013
Obama Inauguration 2013 Speech: President Talks Climate Change, But Will He Take Action?


Live Science
LiveScience, 21 Jan 2013
Obama Takes Stand on Climate in Inaugural Speech


Live Science
LiveScience, 20 Jan 2013
Will Climate Change Get Cold Shoulder in Obama’s Second Term


Generation Green TV
GenerationGreenTV,13 Dec 2012
Climate Scoreboard: Reality Check Tool for Global Climate Treaty


Live Science
LiveScience, 10 Dec 2012
Global Climate Talks Spark Frustration


Mother Nature Network
Mother Nature Network, 26 Nov 2012
What can climate talks in Doha accomplish?


Savannah Now
Savannah Now, 13 Nov 2012
Hands off my Hamburger, Climate Changers


Co exist
Co.Exist, 22 Dec 2011
Engineers: Why Aren’t You Doing Work For Good?


Washington Post
Washington Post, 7 Dec 2011
U.N. Climate Talks Move Slowly as New Studies Urge More Dramatic Emissions Cuts


The Australian
The Australian, 3 Aug 2011
Treasury’s carbon tax modelling based on improbable assumptions


Live Science 
LiveScience, 15 Dec 2010
Cancun Climate Agreements Take Baby Steps


The New York Times
The New York Times, 14 Jul 2010
Ads Backed by Fossil-Fuel Interests Argue ‘CO2 Is Green’


The Guardian, 5 Jul 2010
Global emissions targets will lead to 4C temperature rise, say studies


IUCN – Commission on Education and Communication, 8 Mar 2010
Climate Scoreboard: C-ROADS Analysis of Copenhagen


The Guardian, 12 Feb 2010
Carbon targets pledged at Copenhagen ‘fail to keep temperature rise to 2C’


Dot Earth
NY Times Dot Earth Blog, 5 Feb 2010
If the Climate Accord Works, Will the Climate Notice?


Climate Biz
ClimateBiz, 14 Jan 2010
10 Climate Trends That Will Shape Business in 2010


Newsweek, 11 Jan 2010
Copenhagen’s Goal Likely to Fail, New Studies Show


The Nut Graph 
The Nut Graph, 6 Jan 2010
The weakness of COP15


The Dartmouth, 6 Jan 2010
Climate simulator plays role in COP15


Green Energy News
Green Energy News, 4 Jan 2010
Scoreboard Tracks Global Climate Change Negotiations


Yuma Sun
Yuma Sun, 20 Dec 2009
Are emission goals feasible?


International Herald Tribune
International Herald Tribune, 19-20 Dec 2009
A ‘grand experiment,’ both social and political


CBS News
CBS News, 19 Dec 2009
Marathon Negotiations Cap Climate Summit


The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe, 19 Dec 2009
Climate Reality: Voluntary Efforts Not Enough


NPR, 19 Dec 2009
Climate Accord In Hand, Obama Turns To Senate


Klotet, 17 Dec 2009
Climate Scoreboard visar resultaten av vad länderna lovat göra hittills


Science Progress
Science Progress, 16 Dec 2009
Can Copenhagen Succeed?


The Boston Globe 
The Boston Globe, 16 Dec 2009
Text of Sen. Kerry’s speech at COP15


Thin Green Line
San Francisco Chronicle’s The Thin Green Line, 17 Dec 2009
Deal or no deal?


Yes! Magazine, 17 Dec 2009
Hungry in Copenhagen


It's Getting Hot in Here
It’s Getting Hot in Here, 17 Dec 2009
The Real Climategate: Leaked UN Report on Emissions shows over 3 degrees C, 550 ppm


ABC7 Los Angeles, 17 Dec 2009
Keep score on Copenhagen with Climate Interactive


The Guardian, 15 Dec 2009
Copenhagen: Only the Numbers Count – and They Add up to Hell on Earth


The Guardian, 15 Dec 2009
Can we halt runaway climate change? Not likely


Environment 360
Yale Environment 360, 14 Dec 2009
Copenhagen: The Gap Between Climate Rhetoric and Reality


Dot Earth
NY Times Dot Earth Blog, 13 Dec 2009
Tally of CO2 Pledges Misses ‘Safe’ Zone


Green Economy Post
The Green Economy Post, 11 Dec 2009
Interactive Climate Scoreboard with Daily Updates Created by Sustainability Institute


Climate Science Watch
Climate Science Watch, 11 Dec 2009
“Climate Scoreboard” – new widget simulates warming consequences of Copenhagen proposals


MIT News
MIT News, 10 Dec 2009
MIT goes to Copenhagen


Planet Green
PlanetGreenTV, 9 Dec 2009
Planet 100: Climate Scoreboard, Copenhagen (12/09)


Nature News
Nature, 9 Dec 2009
Copenhagen: the scientists’ view


San Antonio Current
San Antonio Current 9 Dec 2009
El Mensaje de Mérida


Green Bang 
Greenbang, 8 Dec 2009
COP15: Data shows 2000s were warmest on record


GOOD, 8 Dec 2009
Current Trajectory from COP15: Chicago Turns into Texas


Texas Vox
TexasVox, 8 Dec 2009
Obama going to Copenhagen with 17% reduction goal. Why not 35%?


Dartmouth 8 Dec 2009
Dartmouth’s impact on Copenhagen climate change negotiations


Oregon Live, 8 Dec 2009
Climate Scoreboard allows you to follow Copenhagen progress


Pegasus Communications
Pegasus Communications, 8 Dec 2009
“A Bit of Radical Transparency”: Using Feedback to Spur Change


Star News Online
Star News Online, 8 Dec 2009
Follow (and understand!) the climate talks in Copenhagen


Examiner, 8 Dec 2009
Copenhagen climate conference leads off a big week for focusing on the environment


Dutch News
Dutch news, 8 Dec 2009
Digitale thermometer meet effect klimaattop (English translation by Google)


Washington Post
Washington Post, 8 Dec 2009
Copenhagen’s 2 Degree Target


Christian Science Monitor
Christian Science Monitor, 7 Dec 2009
Today’s climate news


Treehugger, 5 Dec 2009
Keep Score of Copenhagen Deals with Climate Scoreboard


CO2 Now
Climate Scoreboard for Copenhagen


Cogito, 4 Dec 2009
Copenhagen Scoreboard


Just Means
Justmeans, 14 July 2009
Sending Money Managers with Laptops to Copenhagen


Mountain Xpress
Mountain Xpress, 4 April 2009
War gaming for climate security


Sunday Herald
Sunday Herald, March 2009
Two Months to Save the World


Climate Wire
ClimateWire, 16 March 2009
Lawmakers to test new, lightning-quick climate model