The Julis-Rabinowitz Family

Mitch Julis

Mitch Julis is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Canyon Partners, LLC. He is a student, practitioner and proponent of systems thinking as a result of studying and collaborating with MIT Sloan School of Management Professor John Sterman. Mitch’s special interest in the food-water-energy nexus from a systems perspective and an article on the connection between this nexus and climate change led him to reframe the benefits of dealing with both challenges together (see Financial Times article on this subject). Further discussions and efforts with the team at Climate Interactive contributed to the creation of the Multisolving Project, which is focused on identifying and implementing solutions to climate change that also produce benefits in energy security, health and well-being, and food and water. The Julis-Rabinowitz Family is privileged to be a founding supporter of this initiative. In addition, Mitch’s vigorous and creative sharing of ideas and research in food, water, energy, complexity theory, and climate change have been a consistent source of input and creativity to the Multisolving Team.