Analysis of the UN Climate Talks

From Climate Change to Personal & Political Change

MIT’s John Sterman explores questions on the future of climate efforts and what we can do to build a safer, sustainable world. He demonstrates how interactive tools are being used by political leaders, policymakers, and members of the public around the world to build shared understanding of climate change and the task before us.

Drew Jones on how the Paris climate pledges could limit global warming to 2°C

This video presents scenarios from the C-ROADS simulation and explores how far the Paris contributions get us, and what more is needed to keep warming to within 2° Celsius (3.6°F) of temperature change above pre-industrial levels. Read more about the analysis in this blog post.

John Sterman on the Paris Agreement at the MIT Starr Forum

John Sterman’s analysis begins at 36:16. Download the slides here (ppt).

John Sterman on the implications of the Paris Agreement on WGBH News

John Sterman of MIT talks about how the climate deal that came out of COP21 is a major step forward, and why it does not go far enough.