Systems Thinking

In a world of complex and interconnected challenges, finding opportunities to have an impact can be difficult and unintuitive. By understanding the bigger picture and the things creating certain outcomes we can identify the areas where the most change can occur. Our team is trained in system dynamics modeling, a technique developed at MIT, and we have decades of experience building models and helping groups think through their most pressing challenges to find opportunities that are often unintuitive and surprising.


  • The Climate Leader – Online courses to develop systems thinking skills.
  • C-ROADS – A system dynamics model to test climate policies.
  • En-ROADS – A system dynamics model to examine effects of global energy policies and choices.
  • Climate Bathtub Animation – A simple animation exhibiting the stock and flow dynamics of carbon emissions and the atmosphere.
  • Multisolving – Tools to understand the health, economic, and social benefits of the transition away from fossil fuels.



Positive feedback loops that exhibit how renewable energy is scaled up, which are incorportated into En-ROADS.