Our decision support tools help people build more resilient and equitable communities while preventing as much future climate change as possible.

By focusing on decisions being made in two arenas – international assistance and development and domestic infrastructure investment – we are influencing flows of ongoing investment so that those investments increase climate resilience, spur the transition to low carbon economies, and provide opportunities for people who need them most.

Signs of increasing extreme weather, droughts, floods, heat waves, and forest fires are appearing around the world. Even with dramatic success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, climate impacts are expected to worsen over coming decades. Community leaders, government planners, development agencies and business leaders are trying to understand the investments, education, and policies that will help people and infrastructure be as resilient as possible to these new extremes.

Our tools allow decision makers – from community members to top leaders – to discover for themselves the synergies that are possible when people address climate change adaptation and mitigation and social justice and equity as a set of inter-related opportunities in the context of infrastructure and development investment.

International Assistance & Development

Resilience to drought in the Horn of Africa
Resilience to flooding in Nigeria
Resilience to repeated displacement in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Domestic Infrastructure Investment

Milwaukee Green Infrastructure Scenarios Tool

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