Around the world, global citizens are grappling with how best to use less fossil fuels, business leaders are trying to navigate a complex energy landscape, and governments are attempting to steer their economies towards low carbon energy, while improving the quality of life for their citizens. These goals are pursued in the context of a complex, dynamic energy system whose behavior is shaped by the interplay of investment decisions, policy choices, technological progress, and the slow turnover of existing infrastructure. Our energy policy simulation modeling and analysis is designed to help these diverse decision-makers discover what options work best.

En-ROADS teaches us that while it is still possible to avoid dangerous climate change, there are indeed no silver bullets to reach this goal, and we have our work cut out for us.
-Eileen Claussen, President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)


  • En-ROADS – En-ROADS focuses on how changes in our global energy use, consumption, and policies will affect our future.
  • World Energy – An exercise that enables participants to take on the role of leaders from key economic and energy sectors and negotiate a climate and energy deal.
  • Multisolving – Tools to understand the health, economic, and social benefits of the transition away from fossil fuels.