Facilitator Resources

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If you plan on running World Climate, you may find the following materials useful. The best place to start is to watch the video above and read the Facilitator’s Guide. If you are leading World Climate for non-English speaking audiences, we are happy to be able to offer some materials in other languages thanks to volunteer translators.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Article: Simulation & Gaming  

World Climate: A Role-Play Simulation of Global Climate Negotiations

Sterman et al., Simulation & Gaming, January 2014. This paper authored by Climate Interactive staff and other developers of World Climate explains the game play and insights audiences can gain from the World Climate exercise.

Facilitator Guide

The Facilitator Guide will lead you through the general concepts of World Climate, the details of the context, the purpose of the exercise, time required and walk you through a version of the exercise. Read this document first. It amounts to the script of the exercise. Older version available in French.

Briefing Materials

There are two sets of briefing materials, one for a three region version of the exercise and one for 6 regions. These are printed and handed out to participants. Available in French, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.

Presentation Slides

Here you will find the Facilitator’s Slide Set, which contains background materials and instructions for the exercise participants. Slides available in French, German,  Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.

Participants Breakout Calculator

This spreadsheet allows you to easily determine how to divide your group into the different country groupings so they match global demographics. Available in French.

Data Table

This is handed out to participants as part of the briefing portion of the exercise. Available in French.

Temperature Risks

This can be handed out to reinforce some of the ideas developed in the slides.

Proposal Form

Form for participants to list their proposed actions. Also available in FrenchGerman, and Mandarin.

REDD+ Calculator

Spreadsheet that calculates the global average values for the deforestation and afforestation policy parameters from delegates’ policies. Available in French.

Instructional and Example Videos

Here you can find videos of segments of World Climate live runs as examples of how the exercise has been done.

C-Learn and C-ROADS

World Climate can be run using either C-Learn, our 3-region version online climate policy simulation, or this page, our more robust simulation, of which you can request a software download. You can also view a short video outlining the World Climate Interface of C-ROADS.

World Climate Flyer

A flyer template for advertising an event. Also available in French.

World Climate Table Labels for 6-region versions

These can be printed then folded in half to create name tags to sit on top of tables for each group.

Facilitator Webinar

A 90-minute instructional video presented to leaders from the global student action group CliMates

Agreement Template

Use this to create a “World Climate Agreement” that participants sign to formalize the commitments they make through the exercise.