Facilitator Resources

World Climate has been run by people of all backgrounds and skill sets. With a little preparation you can lead a highly engaging exercise to enable people to explore what is needed to address our climate challenge.

What you need to get started

Items for facilitators:

World Climate Facilitator Guide – leads you through key concepts in running World Climate, from  preparation and room setup to sample scripts and debrief techniques. Updated July 2015. Also available in French.

Presentation Slides – facilitator’s slide sets containing background materials and instructions. Available in French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish.

C-Learn or C-ROADS – supporting climate policy simulations for World Climate. Choose from C-Learn, our online 3-region version, or the more robust C-ROADS, which you can download for Windows.

Items to provide to participants:

Briefing Materials – printed handouts for participants, including sets for 3 or 6-regions. Updated August 2015, available in French, Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.

Proposal Form – form for participants to list their proposed actions. Also available in Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin.


Let us know if you are planning an event or have led one:



Additional Videos – includes videos of segments of World Climate live runs.

Learn more about our research of the learning impacts of World Climate.

Additional Materials


World Climate: A Role-Play Simulation of Global Climate Negotiations – paper in Simulation and Gaming that explains the game and insights audiences can gain from this type of exercise.

C-ROADS Reference Guide – contains the purpose, structure, assumptions, and testing results of the simulator.

Climate interactive: the C-ROADS climate policy model – paper in System Dynamics Review that describes the structure and calibration of C-ROADS, as well as how it is used by UNFCCC parties.

Management Flight Simulators to Support Climate Negotiations – paper in Environmental Modelling and Software that further discusses the need for and use of the C-ROADS model.


Agreement Template – printable “official” agreement that participants sign to formalize the commitments they make through the exercise.

Data Table – printed handout giving background data on 3 or 6 regions. Available in French.

Temperature Risks – printed handout that further details effects of temperature increase.

Exercise support:

World Climate Table Labels – printable table tents for the tables of groups participating in the 6-region version.

World Climate Flyer – flyer template for advertising an event. Other versions available in French and German.

World Climate in 20 minutes – guide for running a World Climate game in just 20 minutes.

REDD+ Calculator – spreadsheet to calculate the global average values for deforestation and afforestation parameters from delegates’ policies. Available in French.

Participants Breakout Calculator – spreadsheet showing how to divide your group so they match global demographics. Available in French.

Notice: We are currently researching the impact of World Climate on audiences and trying to better understand how it could be improved for facilitators. Will you help us out by filling out this survey and, if you’re interested in helping us further, contacting us at info@climateinteractive.org?