Scoreboard Science and Data

Updated Scoreboard coming September 2015

The resources here allow you to explore the calculations, assumptions, graphs, and data behind the Climate Scoreboard as well as the C-ROADS simulation that underlies our analysis. The graphs below represent our April 19, 2013 analysis.

Graphical Summary

Below is the summary graph and table that shows calculations behind the Climate Scoreboard as well as other important climate indicators.

Scoreboard Science and Data

Science and Data Summary

Calculations in the Climate Scoreboard are made in C-ROADS, a scientifically reviewed climate simulator built using the system dynamics methodology that is designed to aggregate the proposals of 15 countries and country groups and calculate the climate impacts such as carbon dioxide concentration and temperature.  C-ROADS was built by Climate Interactive, Ventana Systems, and the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

Follow these links to understand more about C-ROADS, explore its site, read the scientific review, read the reference guide, read user quotes, read the “Frequently Asked Questions” or experiment with the online, CO2-focused, three-region version, C-Learn.

To view more Scoreboard results beyond the temperature values shown in the “widget” image, download a PowerPoint file with graphs or consult the “Frequently Asked Questions“.

To download the Scoreboard “widget” and video, click here.

For more information, contact Beth Sawin.

Publications and Resources

Graphs – Possibilities for the Global Climate Deal

graphthumb This page shows various climate results if the proposals  currently in the public domain were fully implemented.

Paper – Analysis of March 2009 Proposals

Paper analyzing proposals to the UNFCCC process as of March 2009 that utilizes the C-ROADS simulator to calculate their long term impact on atmospheric CO2 concentrations and long-term temperature increase. Presented at the 2009 IARU Climate Congress in Copenhagen by Dr. Elizabeth Sawin.

Slides – Introduction to the Climate Scoreboard

This slide set gives background information on the efforts behind and partners supporting the Climate Scoreboard. Includes graphs of recent calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions