C-Learn Simulation

C-Learn helps people understand the level of emissions reductions needed to address climate change. It is the 3-region, simplified version of the C-ROADS simulator.

The simulation is specifically designed for climate communicators, educators, and leaders of the World Climate Exercise, but people coming from a wide array of backgrounds will find it insightful. C-Learn can help people understand the long-term climate effects (CO2 concentrations, global temperature, sea level rise) of various actions to change CO2 emissions, like those from fossil fuels, deforestation, and planting trees. You can ask multiple, customized “what if” questions and understand why the system reacts as it does.


We offer C-Learn as a web-based simulation using Forio Simulate.

C-Learn is copyright 2013, Climate Interactive and Ventana Systems. However, we are happy to share the equations and code with any interested parties.

Its creation was supported by our financial and in-kind sponsors.