Laurent Richard

Laurent Richard

Executive Director of Albedo


En-ROADS and World Climate Ambassador

Languages: French and English
Locations: Anywhere, Europe is most accessible

“So many stories to tell… from the student delegate of the Tuvalu Islands who arrived with a mask and a scuba, to the ones from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela who succeeded to block the entire negotiation by setting the developing countries against the other regions. That feeling of accomplishment when students decide to engage in the climate fight and pursue their studies in the field after my teaching and after using C-ROADS/En-ROADS. The challenging dynamics of the multidisciplinary project organized around the simulation with teachers of Math, Physics, Biology, History, English, Philosophy. And all the feedbacks from the participants and the professionals who testified of the invaluable pedagogical impact of the Climate Interactive tools.”

Laurent Richard has a Masters degree in Physics from INSA (Toulouse). After his studies, he became Director, from 1999 to 2006, of a non-profit organization. He implemented projects to help and develop the civil society in the Former Yugoslavia. In 2005, he was the Editor of the book, “Sta Ima? Ex-Yougoslavia, from a State to Another” (Guernica ADPE/oeil électrique editions).

From 2008 to 2014, he was Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Climate Change Initiative at the International School of Boston. His goal was the development and integration of an interdisciplinary pedagogical project on climate change in the high school curriculum.

In 2010, he started to collaborate with Climate Interactive and translated the documents for the Francophone community.

Back in France since 2015, he has been Director of Albedo Climat. Albedo provides lectures, trainings to companies, public bodies, universities and high schools using Climate Interactive’s tools and the best science available.

He has organized many C-ROADS and En-ROADS simulations in France, Europe, Africa, US, and China.

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