Eduardo Pedro Fracassi

Eduardo 1

Eduardo Fracassi leads the Climate Change Awareness initiative at ITBA, Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires. He led the Kiri Team—comprising engineering students and professionals, and a lawyer—which won the 2016 Climate Colab MIT competition in the industry category. The winning 25C (77F) proposal was then implemented by the Argentine government. The 25C (77F) proposal has helped to reduce blackouts in Buenos Aires in the Summer when there is high air conditioner use. Together with Fabian Szulanski and Claudia Castro Kuriss, Eduardo has helped to improve the World Climate Simulation. He is helping with data and analysis for an upcoming journal article on the impacts of the World Climate Simulation. In 2013, Eduardo coordinated the Latam System Dynamics Society team’s effort to translate the World Climate Simulation into Spanish, and worked with a Brazilian researcher to translate the materials into Portuguese as well.

Since 2013, he has organized more than 25 World Climate Exercise and World Energy workshops in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica working with the Latin American System Dynamics Society chapter and others. Currently, Fabian Szulanski and Eduardo Fracassi are developing a World Climate Innovation workshop at ITBA. Eduardo has participated in several UNFCCC COPs, since 2015 and was appointed a World Climate Ambassador in February 2016 by Climate Interactive.