Systems Thinking in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


System dynamics modeling is one of the main innovations of our project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With our partners, we are working to improve resilience of people affected by repeated displacement. The project also includes original field research and eventually pilot projects. We are building models to understand all the ways multiple […]

Better Public Policy Through Systems Thinking: Visionary Leadership from Mayor Curtatone

Joseph Curtatone

The following essay was written by the Mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, Joseph Curtatone. Although Curtatone ties systems thinking to I-93 and childhood obesity in Somerville, the same long-term thought process of actions and consequences must be utilized by city and regional leaders today as we increasingly feel the impacts of a changing climate. Hats off […]

Flooding (too) close to home


At Climate interactive, we work on climate and study the impacts, but when they hit close to home it’s a reminder of the importance of preparing in advance. Echoing many of the themes in Beth’s Hurricane Irene post, the depiction of atypical weather patterns and intensity experienced in my Greenville, South Carolina neighborhood last Saturday […]

Four Reasons We Build Simulations of Infrastructure Investment

GI Simulation Interface

As a panelist for a recent EPA-sponsored webcast on green infrastructure and resilience (click here for the slides from that presentation) I was prompted to explain why system dynamics computer simulation is particularly helpful for those considering infrastructure investment in general, and green infrastructure investment in particular. We have four reasons: 1. People need ways […]

Climate Interactive’s Travis Franck talks insights at UMass Lowell

As part of its ongoing interview series, the Climate Change Initiative at University of Massachussetts Lowell talked recently with Climate Interactive’s Travis Franck about some of our simulators and the insights they’re providing on climate change. As Franck explains, Climate Interactive’s emphasis on an analytical approach called systems thinking gives its models a uniquely comprehensive […]

19 Reasons Why We Need Climate Change Solutions Now

In his latest blog for Transition Voice, Prof. Guy McPherson of the University of Arizona provides us with an excellent reminder of just how urgent climate action is with a list of 19 natural phenomena that are exacerbating global warming. The list illustrates a point that we’ve written about in previous posts and frequently try […]

New Version of C-Learn Released: Now Embeddable

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new version of the C-Learn simulation for the web.  C-Learn enables you to explore the level of emission reductions it will take to address climate change across three different groups of countries. This updated version is built on a new platform, so those familiar with the old version of C-Learn will notice […]

MIT Professor Says We Are Playing Russian Roulette With Our Children’s Future

John Sterman, MIT Professor and fellow collaborator on many Climate Interactive projects, lays out the stark realities we are facing with climate change inaction in his presentation at the MIT Museum last month. He describes the risks we face by not taking immediate measures to address climate change in every sector of society and equates […]