People using our sims around the world

August 25, 2008 by Andrew P. Jones

Our dream is that folks like you can use our sims to improve understanding of climate dynamics, as a path towards avoiding catastrophic climate change. So we were thrilled when two climate leaders — Per Andersson at the Swedish telecom company Ericsson and Rodrigo Victor of  São Paulo (Brazil) City Green Belt Biosphere Reserve — began using our Bathtub Sim to engage colleagues around climate strategy.

Per said of his work at Ericcson, “this is part and parcel of my standard presentation as soon as I need to discuss “zero-carbon”, and I have used it both internally (up to CEO level) and externally.”

Rodrigo said, “I have been using the Bathtub Sim at some occasions. Our plan is to “officialize” it as a major environmental education / communication tool in our programs here at the São Paulo City Green Belt Biosphere Reserve.”

Great to see “viral” process getting rolling.