Creating Jobs and Forests in Oaxaca

May 10, 2017 by Shanna Edberg

The Government of Mexico and the World Bank are providing assistance to communities in the Mexican state of Oaxaca to manage their forests sustainably while also using them as a source of employment (link in Spanish). The trees can be cut under certain regulations, and reforestation and sustainable management practices must occur simultaneously. People use the wood to make furniture and take advantage of the forest’s beauty to promote ecotourism, another source of employment. Hundreds of forest-related jobs have been created, which has stopped and even reversed emigration from these communities to the United States.

Climate Protection: Sequesters carbon dioxide Jobs & Assets: Creates jobs Connection: Enables communities to both work with and conserve their natural resources

This post is part of a series on examples of ​multisolving, or climate-smart policies that simultaneously work to mitigate climate change while providing co-benefits such as the ones described above. The multiple benefits analysis was done using the ​FLOWER framework.