TEDx Asheville

On August 30 2009, Andrew Jones of the Climate Interactive Program presented “Simulating Climate Hope” at TEDx AshevilleClick here to watch a video of the presentation.

It “took a village” to deliver that presentation and make the video. Others who contributed directly to the content include Stephanie McCauley, Beth Sawin, Phil Rice, Lori Siegel, Tom Fiddaman, John Sterman, Bob Corell, Anne Fitten Jones, Travis Franck, Peter Senge, Chris Landry (presentation design), Rick Fornoff (presentation coaching), Sandra Smith(coaching) and David Bourne (video shooting and editing).  And a powerful team led by Jennifer Saylor made the whole event happen.

The local daily newspaper’s article is here.

The tweets are all here.

More on TEDx Asheville is here.

To read more on the C-ROADS simulator, visit this page. Background on the scientific testing of the simulation is here. You can play with the online version of the simulation here. You can also find other videos, and an interactive serious game or policy exercise using the simulator.  Images for the TEDx presentation are from stock.xchng and NASA.

The work is part of Climate Interactive and has been funded by Nike, Citigroup, Fidelity Investments, The Forum for Active Philanthropy, Zennström Philanthropies, The Morgan Family Foundation, Bonwood Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, ClimateWorks, and other private donations.  The C-ROADS model was built by Ventana Systems, MIT Systems Dynamics Group, and Climate Interactive.