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Papers and Journal Articles

John Sterman, Thomas Fiddaman, Travis Franck, Andrew Jones, Stephanie McCauley, Philip Rice, Juliette Rooney-Varga, Elizabeth Sawin, and Lori Siegel. (Under Review). World Climate: A Role-Play Simulation of Global Climate Negotiations.

John Sterman, Thomas Fiddaman, Travis Franck, Andrew Jones, Stephanie McCauley, Philip Rice, Elizabeth Sawin, and Lori Siegel. (2012). Climate Interactive: The C-ROADS Climate Policy ModelSystem Dynamics ReviewDOI: 10.1002/sdr.1474. (translated into Chinese)

UN Environment Program. (2011 November). Bridging the Emissions Gap. Contributing Author

John Sterman, Thomas Fiddaman, Travis Franck, Andrew Jones, Stephanie McCauley, Philip Rice, Elizabeth Sawin, and Lori Siegel. (2011). Management Flight Simulators to Support Climate Negotiations: The C-ROADS Climate Policy Model.

UN Environment Program. (2010 November). The Emissions Gap Report. Co-Lead Author Chapters 2 and 5

Elizabeth Sawin and Andrew Jones. Climate Interactive: “Sims” for Improving our thinking About Addressing climate change. Reflections: The SoL Journal.

Elizabeth R. Sawin, et al. (2009 March). Current Emissions Reductions Proposals In The Lead-Up To Cop-15 Are Likely To Be Insufficient To Stabilize Atmospheric CO2 Levels: Using C-ROADS – A Simple Computer Simulation Of Climate Change – To Support Long-Term Climate Policy Development.

Blog entries

Climate Interactive – The Blog, posts by Beth Sawin.

Presentations and Podcasts

Ideas Unbound: Helping Humanity Address Climate Change Through Systems Thinking.” Innovate Podcast. 04 August 2013

Beth Sawin, John Sterman and Drew Jones. “MIT’s ‘Climate Interactive’ Team.” We are All in This Together. 18 Dec. 2011. Sustainability News & Entertainment

Lessons from Irene: Facing the Impacts of a Changing Climate.” Vermont Bioneers Conference, Montpelier, VT. 13 October 2011

bethUMLBeth Sawin speaks about doing what needs to be done to address climate and the many benefits that will come from it. Her presentation was given to students and members of the University of Massachusetts Lowell community at a workshop on climate change.




Emissions GapBeth Sawin presents a 30-minute webinar briefing on the highlights of the UNEP’s “Emissions Gap Report”





Sawin Climate ScoreboardInterview with Dr. Elizabeth Sawin on the Climate Scoreboard at the Copenhagen climate negotiations.





Climate Scoreboard COP15

Dr. Elizabeth Sawin of Climate Interactive  describing the Climate Scoreboard on the first day of the Copenhagen COP15 climate change summit hosted by the United Nations.




Climate Scoreboard IntroThis video explains The Climate Scoreboard, Climate Interactive’s embeddable widget that reports global temperature change in 2100 based on the proposals to the United Nations to address climate change.  Click here for more information.




the turning

The Turning, a shadow puppet show written by Beth Sawin and Jay Mead, is set in a future in which the climate crisis has been solved.





24 October 2009 – “Welcome to the Celebration“. International Day of Climate Action, Burlington, VT.

2008 – “Can Love Change the Wording of Laws? Can Concern For the Future Change the Outcome of Votes?“. Keynote address to the 2008 Sustainable Energy Summit, Amherst, MA.

2006 – Future Talk Radio interview.


Vermont Climate Scientist Sees Irene as Turning Point, Elizabeth Sawin, September 1, 2011. Burlington Free Press.

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Taking On The Erosive Cycle of Money and Political Power, Elizabeth Sawin, Feb. 4, 2002.

The Perversity of Farm Bills, Hal Hamilton and Elizabeth Sawin, Feb. 1, 2002.

Why Does Farm Income Keep Disappearing?, Hal Hamilton and Beth Sawin, Jan. 1, 2002.

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Homeplanet Security, Elizabeth Sawin, Oct. 31, 2001.

Living Up to My Beliefs — For My Children and The Children of Afghanistan, Elizabeth Sawin, Oct. 15, 2001.

Declare War on Escalation, Andrew Jones & Elizabeth Sawin, Sept. 15, 2001.

Enlarging Our Definition of Beauty With Some Help From Our Neighbors, Elizabeth Sawin, Sept. 1, 2001.

What Does It Take To Say “Better Safe Than Sorry”?, Elizabeth Sawin, Aug. 1, 2001.