Adem Delibas


Adem Delibas

Senior Modeler

Adem is a senior modeler at Climate Interactive. He builds system dynamics models to help decision makers better understand inter-dependencies in the global climate system; and conducts in-depth dynamic analyses to uncover high-leverage policies to mitigate climate change.

Prior to joining Climate Interactive, Adem advised multiple cities in Europe and the US on the long-term socio-economic, environmental and fiscal impacts of prospective urban investments. He also consulted to a regional planning authority in the US on the core dynamics of coastal water quality degradation and how to cope with its adverse socio-economic impacts. Earlier in his career, he worked for IBM Software Group for a decade as an engineer and architect.

Adem holds a S.M. in Engineering and Management from MIT and a M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Ohio State University.

He lives in Istanbul, Turkey with his wife and son.