Climate Interactive works with a diverse range of partners and clients to figure out what choices will address the pressing challenges of today and enable a thriving future for our children and future generations tomorrow.


Our areas of expertise include:

Analytical and process methodologies: systems thinking, system dynamics modeling, leadership, and organizational learning

Content areas: climate change, energy, sustainability, environment, and disaster risk reduction.

Customized Trainings

In complex interconnected systems, like energy, food, water, or climate, decision makers need to see the big picture in order to discover the best responses to current challenges and to maximize the long-term well being of systems and the people within them. To serve this need, Climate Interactive staff work with groups of leaders to deepen their understanding of the systems they live and work within. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ training, and so we work directly with convening partners to design experiences that draw forth the systemic understanding of groups of stakeholders to help them put that knowledge together in useful forms and discover what works to address the challenges that concern them.

Read about our work to help leaders identify places to invest in the health of the Great Lakes.

The Climate Leader

As the world mobilizes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while coping with increasing stresses from climate impacts the actions of individual leaders, in cities, communities, businesses, and governments are going to shape the effectiveness of the global response. The purpose of The Climate Leader is to build the capacity of leaders to respond to these challenges with an understanding of their complex, interconnected nature and with tools and resources for taking effective action in complex systems. The Climate Leader focuses on supporting primarily:

  • City leaders and local implementers, from planning officers to transition towns volunteers
  • Corporate sustainability leaders
  • Youth
  • National and U.N. officials
  • NGO parterning organizations whose members participate in Academy events and trainings

The Climate Leader offers webinars, online courses, tools, resources, and provocative analysis and writing to support and inspire the creative leadership of thousands of people who are steering systems through this complex period.

Some of our partners and clients have included: