Press Releases

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Multisolving at the Intersection of Health and Climate

Read more about our report about creating climate and health benefits in tandem.

February 2018: Pathways to Protecting the Climate Will Improve Your – and Your Neighbor’s – Health. Ten New Case Studies Show How Leaders are “Multisolving”

New study: Creating electricity with wood instead of coal worsens climate change

Read more about our research papers.

January 2018: Displacing coal with wood for power generation will worsen climate change, say MIT, UMass Lowell and Climate Interactive researchers

U.S. Climate Policy & Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

Read more about adding up the climate pledges of US cities and states.

June 2017: Half the US Population Lives in Cities or States That Are Working Towards the Paris Agreement Climate Goals

April 2017: U.S. Role in the Paris Agreement

March 2017: What Slashing Climate Rules Means For the U.S. Pledge to Paris

Signing of the Paris Agreement

Read more about our analysis of the UN climate pledges.

April 2016: Paris Agreement Pledges Must Be Strengthened in Next Few Years to Limit Warming to Well Below 2°C.

Paris COP21 Press Releases

Read more about our work on COP21 at the Climate Scoreboard.

December 2015: With Improved Pledges Every Five Years, Paris Agreement Could Limit Warming Below 2°C.

September 2015: Offers for Paris Climate Talks Would Reduce Warming by 1°C.

En-ROADS Flyer 2015

Flyer about our energy simulation En-ROADS.

Durban COP17 Press Releases

Press releases and analysis on the 2011 COP17 climate change negotiations held in Durban, South Africa.

Cancun COP16 Press Release

Press release for the December 2010 COP16 UNFCCC event.

UNEP Emissions Gap Press Pack

Press pack with detailed summary information from the 2010 UNEP Emissions Gap Analysis, which Beth Sawin of Climate Interactive was a co-author on.

Copenhagen COP15 Analysis and Press Releases

Press releases and analysis notes for work completed during the December 2009 COP15 UNFCCC event.

Scoreboard Launch Press Release

Press release from the original launch of the Climate Scoreboard in 2009.