Climate Interactive in Lima at COP 20

Drew Jones

  Climate Interactive is attending the UNFCCC’s twentieth Conference of the Parties (COP 20) in Lima, Peru. We look forward to meeting as many members of the Climate Interactive community as possible. If you’re in Lima, please look for team members Ellie Johnston, Travis Franck, and Drew Jones. They will be sharing our En-ROADS, C-ROADS, and […]

Climate Interactive and the Dalai Lama: “Shouting, Shouting”


Climate Interactive and the Dalai Lama: “Shouting, Shouting”.   His Holiness the Dalai Lama recently participated in a dialogue at MIT on the challenge of responding to climate change. In this video excerpt, MIT Sloan Professor John Sterman, together with the Dalai Lama and audience, creates a climate success scenario using the C-ROADS interactive simulation […]

How to Save the Climate in Twenty Minutes


Climate Interactive co-director Drew Jones presented results from the En-ROADS simulation to an audience at the Smithsonian Institution, at the National Museum of Natural History on October 9th. Along with Bethany Patten of MIT Sloan School of Management, Drew had twenty minutes to see if the audience’s ideas for addressing climate change were sufficient. See how they did […]

Drew Jones to Simulate Climate Success at the Smithsonian

living in the anthropocene

You’re Invited! On October 9th, 2014, Drew Jones will be joining the Smithsonian Institute for a plenary session a day-long symposium, Living in the Anthropocene: Prospects for Climate, Economics, Health, and Security. At 2pm, Drew will be giving a plenary interactive En-ROADS presentation around 2pm that will highlight climate successes to inspire grounded hope. The […]

Four Reasons We Build Simulations of Infrastructure Investment

GI Simulation Interface

As a panelist for a recent EPA-sponsored webcast on green infrastructure and resilience (click here for the slides from that presentation) I was prompted to explain why system dynamics computer simulation is particularly helpful for those considering infrastructure investment in general, and green infrastructure investment in particular. We have four reasons: 1. People need ways […]

Pastoralist Simulator Helps Global Conversation on Drought-Induced Displacement

Graphs of historical and simulated displacement in HOA. The Pastoralist Simulator reproduces real-world behavior in several important ways.

Climate Interactive was proud to participate in an important global meeting in Nairobi recently. The Nansen Initiative is an on-going international conversation on the situation of ‘cross-border displaced persons.’ The meeting in Nairobi was one of six government consultations in different regions of the world, culminating in recommendations for governments to better coordinate around the […]

John Sterman on Climate Change: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

John Sterman on Climate Change: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

In a recent climate change panel, Prof. John Sterman of MIT and Climate Interactive called for activists, media and scientists to charge down the path to climate resilience. Dealing with climate change can be intimidating, he said, but stranger things have happened.  If we can take the global economy off its dependence on the slave trade, for example, we […]

Beth Sawin at UMass Lowell: Climate Change Solutions for the Future We Need

Beth Sawin at UMass Lowell - Climate Change Solutions for the Future We Need

Creating workable solutions to climate change isn’t easy, but human beings have a history of overcoming obstacles in difficult times (as we’ve said before, ending the slave trade was once similarly thought of as impossible). In her speech at a teach-in at UMass Lowell, Climate Interactive Co-Director Beth Sawin reminded us that enormous progress on […]

Climate Interactive Showcases Drought and Displacement Simulation before UN

As global warming advances, much of the planet’s most vulnerable population is already seeing its livelihood affected. In some cases, the effect is so strong that people must uproot their lives entirely and join the growing ranks of the world’s environmental refugees. It was in this context that Climate Interactive showcased some of our latest […]

Systems Thinking for Changemakers at Ashoka Future Forum

To put system thinking techniques into the hands of changemakers, Climate Interactive Co-Director Beth Sawin will be joining David Castro of I-LEAD Inc. to lead a workshop at the Ashoka Future Forum. This event is pulling together 400 top leaders in social innovation, business entrepreneurship, philanthropy and media to wrestle with the biggest problems and share […]