World Climate Exercise Engages Future German Business Leaders

Simulated sea level rise during the World Climate exercise

Our World Climate exercise and C-ROADS climate simulation are powerful for helping to explore climate change and learn about global social responsibility. Below is a review of how business students at Germany’s Reutlingen University experienced these tools. Click here to view more images from the workshop.     Climate change simulation debuts at ESB Master […]

Grounded in Possibility With En-ROADS

En-ROADS Scenario Presentation

At Climate Interactive we are piloting a new ways to engage people in our En-ROADS energy simulation and ground them in the options we have to address our climate and energy challenges. Like we have done with our previous simulations, we imagine reaching thousands of people to equip them with the tools to take action. Check out […]

John Sterman on Climate Change: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

John Sterman on Climate Change: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

In a recent climate change panel, Prof. John Sterman of MIT and Climate Interactive called for activists, media and scientists to charge down the path to climate resilience. Dealing with climate change can be intimidating, he said, but stranger things have happened.  If we can take the global economy off its dependence on the slave trade, for example, we […]

A Scientist Heads to Capitol Hill, Climate Bathtub in Hand

Dr. Max Moehs discusses climate change with Sen. Maria Cantwell (WA).

Cultivating bridges between science and policy is essential for progress on climate change. Here Dr. Max Moehs of the American Society of Plant Biologists highlights his insights after recent meetings with members of the U.S. Congress. Impressions of Climate Science Day By: Charles Paul “Max” Moehs, Ph.D. Cross-posted from ASPB Plant Blog In 1962, when I was […]

Global Effort to Spread Climate Negotiation Simulations Takes Off

Paris, France – Source: COP in MyCity

As the U.N. climate negotiations steadily tick toward their deadline of releasing a new agreement in 2015, a global effort led by young people to have their voices heard and taken seriously in the negotiations is spreading worldwide. The initiative, COP in MyCity, is using Climate Interactive’s World Climate Exercise as the basis of their […]

Top Ten Reasons the World Needs En-ROADS — a Fast, Accessible, Free, Hands-On Global Climate and Energy Simulator

By Drew Jones, Climate Interactive Co-Director 1. Grounded hope. For climate action success, we need a scientifically based narrative of what to do. En-ROADS helps anyone (not just modelers) create such a narrative. 2. Policy-makers are using it.  Jonathan Pershing of the U.S. Department of Energy has asked for specific features and scenarios. 3. A complement to existing scientific models. Prof. John […]

Climate Interactive in the UK: Building grounded hope on climate solutions

En-ROADS doable

“The workshop enabled participants to visualize how the various approaches and solutions interact and impact climate outcomes.  Some of the conclusions challenged received wisdom and intuition.” – Workshop Participant In the latest leg of our campaign to build understanding of climate change solutions, Climate Interactive Co-Director Drew Jones traveled to London to engage leaders with our simulations […]

World Climate in French: An Integrative and Multidisciplinary Approach

World Climate in French: An Integrative and Multidisciplinary Approach

“Look, they only gave us cake crumb, we won’t give anything to the other countries!”  -a student, just before the negotiation starts Our friend Laurent Richard, a mathematics teacher at the International School of Boston, saw transformative results after running our  World Climate Exercise with his students in French.  Here’s what he had to say (for the […]

Systems Thinking and Business Solutions in a Complex World

John Sterman on Climate Change: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

In the latest entry in the Network for Business Sustainability blog, Climate Interactive Member and MIT Professor John Sterman outlines how we can use systems thinking – the analytical approach that underlies Climate Interactive’s models — to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. Although his suggestions focus on businesses, these strategies can be used by […]