Counterintuitive Climate Strategy: See The Solution In Order to Even See the Problem

Counterintuitive Climate Strategy: See The Solution In Order to Even See the Problem

By Drew Jones, Climate Interactive Co-Director How can we build political will to take responsibility for climate? It is time to invest in grounded optimism. We should inoculate the world with an attractive, rigorous, comprehensive path toward climate success, as a means of helping people see and own the climate challenge in the first place. […]

Climate Interactive Simulation Opens Minds of 200 International Fellows

Climate Interactive Simulation Opens Minds of 200 International Fellows

A group of 185 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows from across the world got a crash course in climate change policy from Climate Interactive Co-Director Drew Jones at this year’s Global Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C. The World Energy and World Climate simulations helped these leaders, who represented 93 countries, gain insights into the complexity of […]

Beth Sawin at UMass Lowell: Climate Change Solutions for the Future We Need

Beth Sawin at UMass Lowell - Climate Change Solutions for the Future We Need

Creating workable solutions to climate change isn’t easy, but human beings have a history of overcoming obstacles in difficult times (as we’ve said before, ending the slave trade was once similarly thought of as impossible). In her speech at a teach-in at UMass Lowell, Climate Interactive Co-Director Beth Sawin reminded us that enormous progress on […]

Join CI’s Beth Sawin Tomorrow at UMASS or Online

Too Late for What?  Real Choices on a Changing Planet Find out what leading experts on climate change impacts, activism, and policy are saying about our choices today and our world tomorrow.  Add your voice to the discussion on our campus, in our community, and beyond. Watch online Date: Oct. 17, 2013 Time:  4-6 PM […]

Two Interactive Graphics to Illuminate the UN Climate Report’s Latest Findings

After much anticipation, the U.N. recently released its Fifth Assessment Report on climate change, leaving us with more certainty than ever that we need to do more to address the effects of climate change In case you don’t have the time to read over the entire 900-page document we recommend a few visual aids that can […]

Online En-ROADS Model Debuts at Stanford World Energy Exercise

Stanford grad students experienced the thrill and complexity of dealing with climate change head on recently, as Climate Interactive brought our World Energy exercise to Stanford’s Precourt Institute for Energy for the second year running. Led by Climate Interactive Co-Director Drew Jones, World Energy challenges participants to create an energy policy that will limit global […]

Climate Interactive’s Travis Franck talks insights at UMass Lowell

As part of its ongoing interview series, the Climate Change Initiative at University of Massachussetts Lowell talked recently with Climate Interactive’s Travis Franck about some of our simulators and the insights they’re providing on climate change. As Franck explains, Climate Interactive’s emphasis on an analytical approach called systems thinking gives its models a uniquely comprehensive […]

19 Reasons Why We Need Climate Change Solutions Now

In his latest blog for Transition Voice, Prof. Guy McPherson of the University of Arizona provides us with an excellent reminder of just how urgent climate action is with a list of 19 natural phenomena that are exacerbating global warming. The list illustrates a point that we’ve written about in previous posts and frequently try […]

Climate Interactive Showcases Drought and Displacement Simulation before UN

As global warming advances, much of the planet’s most vulnerable population is already seeing its livelihood affected. In some cases, the effect is so strong that people must uproot their lives entirely and join the growing ranks of the world’s environmental refugees. It was in this context that Climate Interactive showcased some of our latest […]

Honoring James Hansen: Supplying the Spine

“To save the spineless world from itself, supplying the truth isn’t enough. You need to supply the spine, too.” – Joe Romm When NASA climate scientist James Hansen testified before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in 1988, it marked a watershed moment in history. Not only did it bring global warming into the […]