Small But Mighty: Climate Interactive Ranked 12th Best Climate Think Tank in the World

Climate Interactive placed 12th among 210 climate change economics and policy think tanks around the world, and 4th best in the United States, according to the International Center for Climate Governance. As a staff of only nine, we share this accolade with our partners, from funders to project collaborators. So many good, dedicated people have contributed to our successes. […]

Building Theories on Community Resilience in Africa  

Building Theories on Community Resilience in Africa

If a small village is subject to an external shock like a drought, a war, or a flood, its residents will likely suffer material and/or human losses, but hopefully rebuild and thrive.  If that same village suffers from those shocks repeatedly, it begins to define who they are as a community. Community resilience—the ability of […]

C-ROADS in Science: Global Action At Rate of U.S. Progress Could Lead Toward Two Degrees

CI Science pic

How might the new U.S. EPA pollution rules ripple out to affect global action that reduces future climate risk? We were happy when Eli Kintisch of Science asked Dr. Lori Siegel and me here at Climate Interactive to use C-ROADS to answer this question in their article, “A Bold Baby Step On Emissions.” The graphic in Science is […]

World Climate Exercise Engages Future German Business Leaders

Simulated sea level rise during the World Climate exercise

Our World Climate exercise and C-ROADS climate simulation are powerful for helping to explore climate change and learn about global social responsibility. Below is a review of how business students at Germany’s Reutlingen University experienced these tools. Click here to view more images from the workshop.     Climate change simulation debuts at ESB Master […]

Grounded in Possibility With En-ROADS

En-ROADS Scenario Presentation

At Climate Interactive we are piloting a new ways to engage people in our En-ROADS energy simulation and ground them in the options we have to address our climate and energy challenges. Like we have done with our previous simulations, we imagine reaching thousands of people to equip them with the tools to take action. Check out […]

Paid internship opening at Climate Interactive

Climate Interactive seeks a self-motivated intern to join our talented team in developing ways for people to understand how to address climate and sustainability challenges worldwide. This internship will offer the right individual an opportunity to gain experience as they work within a small organization that has a global reach and impact.

John Sterman on Climate Change: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

John Sterman on Climate Change: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

In a recent climate change panel, Prof. John Sterman of MIT and Climate Interactive called for activists, media and scientists to charge down the path to climate resilience. Dealing with climate change can be intimidating, he said, but stranger things have happened.  If we can take the global economy off its dependence on the slave trade, for example, we […]

A Scientist Heads to Capitol Hill, Climate Bathtub in Hand

Dr. Max Moehs discusses climate change with Sen. Maria Cantwell (WA).

Cultivating bridges between science and policy is essential for progress on climate change. Here Dr. Max Moehs of the American Society of Plant Biologists highlights his insights after recent meetings with members of the U.S. Congress. Impressions of Climate Science Day By: Charles Paul “Max” Moehs, Ph.D. Cross-posted from ASPB Plant Blog In 1962, when I was […]