Dymphna van der Lans: How Systems Thinking Can Impact Climate Change


“Climate change may well be the most complex systems problem that we have ever faced.” Our colleague and CEO of the Clinton Climate Initiative, Dymphna van der Lans, wrote a meaningful piece on what systems thinking means to her and to climate change. In the post below, she mentions her beginnings as a systems thinker […]

Gaps in Thinking About CO2 Removals


Today’s guest post by Tom Fiddaman of our Climate Interactive team was prompted by the Virgin Earth Challenge for greenhouse gas removal. Along with commentary from MIT’s Dr. John Sterman, he discusses the gaps in systemic thinking about CO2 removal efforts, especially when they undermine mitigation efforts and don’t accompany changes in behavior, such as […]

How to Save the Climate in Twenty Minutes


Climate Interactive co-director Drew Jones presented results from the En-ROADS simulation to an audience at the Smithsonian Institution, at the National Museum of Natural History on October 9th. Along with Bethany Patten of MIT Sloan School of Management, Drew had twenty minutes to see if the audience’s ideas for addressing climate change were sufficient. See how they did […]

How to Solve More Problems Than Climate and Include More People Than Environmentalists

Core solutions figure

The core drivers of climate change cause other problems too. The good news is, for every problem there’s a group of people who would benefit from solving it. From the first exploratory survey for fossil fuels until the end of the century when today’s greenhouse gas emissions will still be influencing our planet, the fossil-fuel […]

Building on the People’s Climate March – Four Suggestions From Systems Thinking

CI team at the peoples climate march

Systems thinking points to ways to build on the momentum created by last Sunday’s People’s Climate March. For the global climate movement as a whole and certainly for the five Climate Interactive team members who were able to march in New York City on Sunday, the People’s Climate March was an exhilarating moment. We saw […]

Drew Jones to Simulate Climate Success at the Smithsonian

living in the anthropocene

You’re Invited! On October 9th, 2014, Drew Jones will be joining the Smithsonian Institute for a plenary session a day-long symposium, Living in the Anthropocene: Prospects for Climate, Economics, Health, and Security. At 2pm, Drew will be giving a plenary interactive En-ROADS presentation around 2pm that will highlight climate successes to inspire grounded hope. The […]

The Largest Climate March in History Takes to the Streets


The film Disruption features incredible and informative interviews from scientists, activists and leaders – including Climate Interactive partner John Sterman of MIT – who knows that we can tackle the climate challenge, but only if we get serious and act today. The film has been released in advance of the People’s Climate March, the largest […]

New Powerful Role Play Exercise at MIT Builds Grounded Hope for the Climate

MIT world energy

World Energy from Climate Interactive on VimeoWorld Energy is a new role-playing game that enables participants to work together in groups to negotiate a pathway through the global energy transition and limit future climate risk. In the video above, featuring Andrew Jones, John Sterman, and Juliette Rooney-Varga, students at MIT play the exercise and experience the dramatic negotiations […]

The Green Infrastructure Decision Support Tool – Lessons and Possibilities

Streetside Swale in Seattle, Washington.
Source: U.S. EPA

At Climate Interactive, we create tools that help political leaders and decision-makers make smart decisions in the face of a change climate. While many of our tools take a global perspective, our Green Infrastructure Decision Support Tool is designed to help municipalities and communities test scenarios and see the solutions that best deliver storm water […]